How are Migraines Diagnosed

Ways Migraines are Diagnosed

People often think their bad headache is a migraine – but in truth a migraine is far more than simply a headache, and encompasses a range of other symptoms.

What are the symptoms of migraines?

Migraine symptoms vary – not everyone will experience every symptom,

Free Screening for Memory Loss at Palm Beach Neurological Center


Palm Beach Neurological Center is providing a Free Screening for Memory Loss Friday, June 13th, 2014.

Statistics show that one third of people over 60 years of age have some problems recalling information or events. One quarter of people over 85 years of age suffer from serious memory loss.

Can I Inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder

Inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder

If your parents or grandparents develop Alzheimer’s Disorder it is understandable to worry that you, or your children, may develop the disease. Here we explore whether Alzheimer’s Disorder is genetic.

Which genes are linked to inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder?

There is considerable ongoing investigation into Alzheimer’s Disorder,

Understanding Memory

Understand Memory More Carefully

There are a number of different processes and levels of understanding when we talk about memory. We don’t simply mean the recollection of childhood events, or how to find our way around. Here we’ll explore these different kinds of memory, and our understanding of them.

Sensory Memory

Sensory memory is remembering how something looks and being able to describe it,

The Top 5 Reasons for Memory Loss

What are the Top Five Reasons for Memory Loss

Memory loss – whether short or long term – can be very distressing. It’s common to be very worried if you start to forget everyday things, or struggle to remember the names of loved ones and important dates.

There are a lot of reasons that a person might suffer from memory loss and it’s common to jump to worrying conclusions – but the memory loss may not be permanent,

What it is like to Have a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disorder

My Parent has Alzheimer’s Disorder

Here we discuss some of the changes your parent may experience, and ways that you might be able to help them through the cognitive ability the disease is known for.

The early signs of Alzheimer’s Disorder

It can be confusing in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disorder for the person suffering AD,