Community Resources

Finding the Best Community Resources for Caregivers


Becoming a caregiver for a loved one can seem like an insurmountable role, but there are community resources available to assist you. In order to find the appropriate community resources for your loved one, you must first discuss their needs. Before searching for assistance, ask the following questions.

Questions to Ask Before Seeking Community Resources


  • What type of assistance do they need now?
  • What type of assistance may they need in the future?
  • What are your schedules like? Are there any conflicts?
  • Will you or other family members have any other limitations in providing care?
  • Is there anyone else in your family who is available to help?
  • Should you hire a professional caregiver?
  • Will your family member be able to live on his or her own, or would an Assisted Living Facility be more suitable?


Existing Community Resources




Additional Tips


These services are in very high demand, so don’t become discouraged if there is a wait. Because of this, it’s best that you begin seeking community resources before your situation becomes overwhelming. If you call one of these services, be sure to have your loved one’s information as well as something to write on available.

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