Memory loss testing

Get Your Memory Loss Testing


Losing your memory – whether it’s short term memory or long term memory – and the confusion that comes along with memory loss can be distressing, both for those suffering with memory loss and for family members and friends.


memory loss testing There are a great many reasons that you or a loved one might be suffering from memory loss, and though it’s common to worry about conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, there are a number of other factors that could be causing the memory loss which can easily be remedied, returning the person suffering memory loss to their full cognitive ability.


In Palm Beach County the population of over 65s – those most commonly effected by memory loss – sits at just over 16%, and a great many of those people live alone.


This means that there is a focus in the area for physicians, neurologists and caregivers to run memory centres, memory testing centres and memory screenings, as well as education centers and conferences aimed at helping those who suffer with memory loss and their caregivers.


Memory Loss Testing at Centers


These conventions, conferences and training centers are designed to test and train those involved in caring for those who live with memory loss, ensuring that they are supported, that their cognitive abilities are improved and engaged in order to retain memory and reduce confusion, and that those who suffer from memory loss are well cared for, happy and protected.


Throughout our area there are community centers where a focus on support means that memory loss needn’t be isolating or lonely, where those who suffer from memory loss can be screened and supported, those who care for people with memory loss can be supported and trained to provide the best care.


The Alzheimer’s Community Care Annual Education Conference supports those with, caring for or treating people with the condition, and other forms of memory loss or dementia, and focuses on the most recent information and learning as well as the most up-to-date treatments and screening options, and representatives from the community come together to focus on treatments and care.


Memory screenings are a specialist and in depth method of testing the long and short term memory and cognitive ability, the ability to form new short term memories and process long term memories, the ability to retain information and process new things while engaging with the here and now.


These memory screenings can be carried out at our office and are often free of charge, meaning that people with concerns about memory loss in communities across the city have access to support and testing to assess their memory loss and offer support and care.


Memory loss doesn’t need to be frightening, it is often simply a normal part of aging, and with support and care many people can retain their cognitive abilities well into old age. Isolation is a key cause of this loss of memory, and engagement with the community and with trained caregivers can mean the difference between confusion and contentment.