When Your Loved One Refuses Home Care

When Your Loved One Refuses Home Care

If you have a loved one who is transitioning to professional home care, there are several tips you can follow, even if your loved one is not open-minded to the idea of a new member being introduced into the household. It is important to think of what is in your best interest as well as your loved one and other family members. When considering professional home care, the following tips may be a useful resource.

Preparing for the Transition

Contemplate Your Loved One’s Concerns – Consider how your loved one feels and truly listen to all of their concerns to determine why they are refusing help. It could be about a lack of privacy, financial costs, having a stranger in the house or losing their independence. It’s important to discuss the issues so that both of you can come to a compromise during the transition.

Discuss the Importance of Home Care – Let your loved one know the importance of having someone help you. Having a professional caregiver would allow you to worry less knowing that your loved one is in good care when you have to leave your home.

Take it Slow – Make the transition slowly so that your loved one does not feel they are losing their independence. Consider hiring a healthcare aide for just a few hours a day or only a few days during the week so that they can slowly build a relationship with your loved one.

Making the transition


Get Recommendations – You may consider letting your loved one know that their doctor has recommended an aide. It might be well received if they know that their medical doctor made the suggestion. You may also consider a trusted friend to give them a recommendation for home care.

Consider the Aide as a Friend – Letting your loved one know that the aide is “your friend” may alleviate any concerns that they may be having about having an “aide” in the home. Taking this approach may allow trust to build quicker between them and allowing them to have a better rapport. Additionally, you may suggest the aide wear regular clothes rather than scrubs to make this seem more realistic.

Discuss the Expenses – Let your loved one know if you are able to get free services. This may ease any financial concerns that they may have about hiring an aide.

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