Bell’s Palsy – An Overview

Bell’s Palsy – Causes and Symptoms

One-sided weakness, paralysis and tingling of the facial muscles can be associated with Bell’s Palsy.  The experience and symptoms can be confused with a stroke and can be frightening, prompting a call to a neurologist.  This disorder of the facial nerves can affect females and males of all ages and is possibly associated with a viral infection such as herpes simplex. 

More Caregiver Tips to Tame Stress

Physical Activities for the Caregiver Under Stress

Taking care of someone with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease or any other degenerative neurological condition can be extremely stressful for the caregiver. Since dementia is an incurable condition which worsens with time, the responsibility and stress on the caregiver also keeps increasing.

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Caregiver Tips to Relieve Stress

 Are you a Caregiver?  Try These Mental Activities to Help Tame Stress

As a caregiver of a person with dementia or any degenerative neurological condition, you might experience a lot of stress and mental fatigue. Taking care of such patients requires a tremendous amount of physical work as well as mental stability,

Grand Re-opening of Memory Unit at Prosperity Oaks

Michael M. Tuchman, M.D., FAAN will be speaking at the Grand Re-opening Ceremony of Memory Unit, Prosperity Oaks at 1:15 p.m.

What:  Grand Re-Opening Ceremony of Memory Unit

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A Guide for Caregiver’s of Patients with Dementia

Caregiver Strategies for Coping with Stress

Dementia is a degenerative neurological condition which results in loss of cognitive abilities such as memory and attention. Caring about someone with dementia, especially your own loved or close relative can be extremely stressful.
Watching your loved one’s memory deteriorate without any hope of improvement can be disturbing and tormenting.