More Caregiver Tips to Tame Stress

Physical Activities for the Caregiver Under Stress

Taking care of someone with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease or any other degenerative neurological condition can be extremely stressful for the caregiver. Since dementia is an incurable condition which worsens with time, the responsibility and stress on the caregiver also keeps increasing. This requires the caregiver to be able to offer their best support despite the worsening situation and condition.  However, this is only possible if the caregiver is able to cope properly with all the stress and frustration involved in the job.

Physical Activities and Exercises for Caregivers

Here are a few activities will help you relieve stress, calm down both the brain and the body and help you have better control over your nerves.

10 Minutes Stress Tamers You Can Enjoy While Sitting

  • Breathe Deeply – Give your mind a little free time and focus on your breathing while sitting on a chair or couch. It will allow your body and mind to oxygenate.
  • Rock on the Porch – Recline, relax and rock like there is nothing to worry about, at least for these ten precious minutes.
  • Stretch – It won’t take much effort or time to do a few stretches to relieve your muscles. You can stretch your body in a proper yoga position or simply while sitting on a chair.

10 Minute Stress Tamers to Pamper Yourself

  • Soak – Soak your whole body or just your hands and feet in a tub full of warm water. Enjoy the warm feeling for ten minutes.
  • Bean Bag Therapy – Fill a sock with dry beans and sew or tie it. Heat the bag in a microwave for 30 seconds. Place on tight muscles and massage gently. Relax for ten minutes.
  • Neck Rubs and Back Rubs – It is always best to ask someone for a comforting neck and back rub for ten minutes. You can do it yourself as well. Just make sure the pressure is right.
  • Hand Massage – Use your favorite sweet smelling moisturizer or no cream at all. Slightly raise your elbows and loosely stretch your hands. A tender hand massage will make you feel pampered and relaxed.

10 Minutes Stress Tamers to Feel Happier

  • Socialize – Invite a friend over for a cup of tea or coffee. It’s always feels great to spend time with someone who listens well.
  • Gardening – A little date with your garden will make you feel naturally happier and content. Work with your plants to spend your mental energy in a constructive manner. caregiver - stress relief tips
  • Favorite Hobby – Give yourself ten minutes to enjoy whatever you personally love to do the most.
  • Cuddle a Pet – Run your fingers through the soothing fur of your beloved pet. These little fluffy friends have a mystical ability to make you feel happier just with a single touch.

It’s very important for you, the caregiver, to take adequate steps to cope with the stress that is inevitable while caring for your loved one who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.  Contact us or click here if you need to schedule an appointment for memory loss screening or treatment of your loved one who is suffering the effects of dementia.


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