2013 Alzheimer’s Educational Conference – Success!

Dr. Tuchman spoke at this year’s Annual Alzheimer’s Educational Conference by Alzheimer’s Community Care. The evaluations have been most positive, even though there was a stormy climate those two days. The attendance at the luncheon was over 850 people. Next year’s Annual Alzheimer’s Educational Conference will be held on  March  13 & 14 , 2014 in hopes of avoiding stormy weather once again.


The conference promises every year that everyone who attends will learn some new and ground-breaking information about Alzheimer’s disease, either on research or care trends, and this year was no exception. Attendees called the organization after the conference to share how valuable and worthwhile their experience was.


From the following letter, it appears the conference was a great success.

Click here to read the PDF copy of the letter: Alzheimer’s Community Care Letter

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