Balancing Life and Caregiving

Balancing Life and Caregiving


Many adults struggle to maintain their responsibilities, such as working, managing a household and taking care of their children. Adding family caregiving on top of all of that can be extremely taxing. Fortunately, there are many ways to best balance your role as a caregiver with the rest of your life and responsibilities.

Being Proactive to Manage Your Time


  • Create a detailed schedule: Keeping a list of all your chores will help prevent you from forgetting them and allow you to organize them in the most effective manner. There are many smartphone applications that can help you do this, as well!
  • Be aware of your weaknesses: Nobody is perfect. By being open and honest with your shortcomings as a caregiver you can better improve and find resources to assist you in those particular areas.
  • Take advantage of community resources: First, seek out resources that complement your weaknesses. These resources can range from professional and governmental services to support groups and counseling.
  • Analyze finances: First, get an understanding of your loved one’s insurance policy. Discuss what is and is not covered with your family and determine how each expense will be accounted for. You may wish to speak with an attorney who can help plan the best strategy for your loved one’s long-term care, especially if they are no longer able to make decisions on their own.
  • Work with other family members: Coordinate your schedule with other members of your family so you can get a break and your loved one receives the care they need. Spreading yourself out too thin doesn’t benefit anyone.
  • Find an Assisted Living Facility or nursing home: It’s never an easy choice to place your loved one in a facility, but it may be for the best. Discuss this option with your loved one and family.
  • Speak with your employer: If your role as a caregiver is conflicting with your professional life, you may have to speak with your employer about how to realistically manage your schedule. The Family and Medical Leave Act may be applicable in your situation, and some employers can be quite flexible.


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