Family Members can be Paid for Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Family Members can be Paid for Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Get Paid for Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

When a beloved member of your family – a parent, aunt or spouse, for example – suffers from Alzheimer’s disease caring for them can be challenging, and often takes a huge commitment, both financially and of your time.

This commitment can mean that the caregiver has to give up their job,

Alzheimer’s Support Group

Palm Beach Neurological provides monthly Alzheimer’s caregiver support group meetings for the communities in their Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Offices.

Alzheimer’s caregiver support group

A support group might not sound like the kind of thing you want to attend. After all, you’re the caregiver, and your role is to give support,

Can I Inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder

Inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder

If your parents or grandparents develop Alzheimer’s Disorder it is understandable to worry that you, or your children, may develop the disease. Here we explore whether Alzheimer’s Disorder is genetic.

Which genes are linked to inherit Alzheimer’s Disorder?

There is considerable ongoing investigation into Alzheimer’s Disorder,

What it is like to Have a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disorder

My Parent has Alzheimer’s Disorder

Here we discuss some of the changes your parent may experience, and ways that you might be able to help them through the cognitive ability the disease is known for.

The early signs of Alzheimer’s Disorder

It can be confusing in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disorder for the person suffering AD,