Alzheimer’s Support Group

Alzheimer's Support GroupPalm Beach Neurological provides monthly Alzheimer’s caregiver support group meetings for the communities in their Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Offices.

Alzheimer’s caregiver support group

A support group might not sound like the kind of thing you want to attend. After all, you’re the caregiver, and your role is to give support, not receive it.

But for those who live with the daily pressures and challenges of being a sole or primary caregiver for a loved one, spouse or parent with Alzheimer’s disease, a place to talk openly, candidly and honestly about the realities of that day to day care can be a godsend.

What are the benefits of attending a caregiver support group?

Not only can the physical burden of caring for a person with dementia be difficult, but the emotional strain of caring for a spouse or parent who is living through the changes in personality and independence that come with Alzheimer’s disease can put a strain on the caregiver, no matter how committed you may be to caring for your loved ones at home.

Palm Beach Neurological provide a monthly Alzheimer’s caregiver support group meetings for caregivers in Palm Beach Gardens, and allows not only a place for people to share their experiences and stories to get support and friendship with those who are living with the same pressures, but also gives chances for people to share advice and new methods of care and comfort.

This support leads, in time, to a camaraderie and bond between caregivers when even those who were unsure about attending find friendships and understanding from others living through similar experiences.

I don’t want to leave the person I care for to attend a group.

There are a great many options for relief care for your loved one for the time that you attend the group. Some of this is in house, and some with external care agencies, depending on your preferences and care needs.

The group is not only a fantastic way to get advice for new ways to help make daily life less difficult, with the latest in medical advances and research being discussed by the Palm Beach Neurological team. It is also the perfect place to share experiences, frustrations, positive anecdotes and advice with other caregivers.

Nobody can understand the pressures of caring for a loved one as their Alzheimer’s disease develops better than another caregiver. Sharing stories, knowing that you are not alone, and finding a place to laugh, talk and let go of some of those stresses and strains can offer relief to caregivers, meaning they can return home to continue giving care after this short break refreshed and reassured that they aren’t alone, and with a network supporting their ongoing journey.

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