Care for Caregivers: Support for Alzheimer’s Caregivers in South Florida

Caregiving fosters and encourages love and compassion. It creates a stronger, more essential bond between the giver and the receiver. Challenges, however, are ever-present and when left unaddressed may even damage this bond. Pressure may build up inside us with all our frustrations bottled in. This is where other people can come to our rescue. We’ve been on the frontline for quite some time and we forget that others are very willing to support us.

In psychology, a support group – or simply experiencing support from other people – has been cited as one of the many therapeutic techniques to break down anxiety and pressure. Support groups consist of people who understand and are willing to listen and share your problems.

The benefits of joining or belonging to a support group range from having a listening shoulder to assisted living. A group of people whom you share some common experiences may just be the thing you need. The link between participants within these groups is mutual, which then makes it more effective and valuable. Organizations, like the Palm Beach Neurological Center, work hard to bring people together to create this mutual aid and to offer the best support.

Participating in support groups helps the members in coping with the demands of tending to an ailing loved one. Through this social interaction with other people who share similar concerns and worries and with the expertise of care professionals, we are benefited emotionally, psychologically, and cognitively. Aside from the emotional and social support, the organization also provides education and information regarding the condition of the loved one and the resources available for the caregiver.

The concept of sharing stories also strengthens social bonds with other people, alleviating the isolating effects of caregiving. Some battles are not meant to be fought alone. Palm Beach Neurological Center and Eldercare host a caregiver support group every second Wednesday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm EST.

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