Parkinson’s Research Study…Complete


Most individuals with Parkinson’s disease use levodopa as treatment. It is usually taken in pill form, however long-term usage can lessen the effectiveness of the drug leading to off episodes. In these off episodes, individuals with Parkinson’s suffer from slowness, stiffness and tremors.

CVT-301, the medication being evaluated in this study, is a powder form of levodopa. It is inhaled instead of swallowed, potentially allowing the body to absorb the medication faster. Some doctors think inhaling levodopa may be an effective means to deliver the medication during an off episode.


  • Ages 30-85
  • Have a medical diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease
  • Experience off episodes and show a response to treatment with levodopa
  • Require use of levodopa-containing medication such as: Stalevo (carbidopa, levodopa and entacapone), Sinemet (carbidopa levodopa), or Rytary (carbidopa and levodopa)
  • Be on a stable medication regimen

Why participate?

  • You may be able to help provide more information about the safety and effectiveness of medication being researched.
  • You will be making an important contribution to the treatment of off episodes in people with Parkinson’s disease.


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