Trailblazer – Alzheimer’s Trials…Ongoing

Palm Beach Neurological Center is participating in a clinical trial to examine if an investigational drug may help slow or stop memory loss in people with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It is an “Investigational” drug, meaning it has not yet been approved by regulatory authorities for doctors to prescribe in their everyday practice.

Benefits of the Trailblazer- Alzheimer’s Trials Study:

As we age, it is common to become more forgetful. However if you find that your memory loss or confusion is becoming a problem, such as stuggling with finding the right thoughts or words, then it might be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. This Trailblazer-ALZ study may benefit individuals with such symptoms. By using the investigational drug, it may be possible to help slow or stop memory loss.

Who is Eligible to Participate:

  • Patients must be between 60-85 years of age;
  • Patients must have a close friend or family member that can attend study appointments and stay with you at least ten hours per week;
  • Patients that have had memory loss for six months or more and has gradually worsened.


Study Involvement:

The study lasts up to two years and seven months, and the participant will need to attend up to 25 appointments. You and a family member or close friend will need to be with you for a minimum of ten hours a week, attend appointments with you and provide information about any changes since your last appointment. The investigational drug is given through an intravenious infusion (a tiny tube in your vein) to see if will affect an unwanted protein called beta-amyloid. This protein can build up in the brain and may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

How Can I get Started?

Step 1: Contact our study coordinator, and he/she will give you information and help determine if you qualify.

Step 2: Give Informed Consent. A study doctor will explain the study procedures and possible benefits and risks. The study doctor will also answer any questions you might have. To join our study, you must read and sign an Informed Consent document to show that you understand the study and what is required.

Step 3: Find out if you are eligible. The study staff will ask some health questions and may do a medical evaluation to see if you meet the requirements of the study.

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